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S-Bus Cards For Sale

370-2443 (2) $15 each
Differential Ultra-Wide SCSI card. I've never used these, they came with some servers I bought.
370-1704 (2) $50 each
Differential Fast-Wide SCSI card. I've never used these.
501-1725 (3) $1,500 each
This is an HSI card. I've seen them used to connect to 3270 emulation hardware.
501-2015 (1) $20 each
This is a fast ethernet 100-base-T plus SCSI II on one card. I never had this in service. It came in one of the servers I purchased.
501-2919 (3) $35 each
This is a fast ethernet 100Base-T card for Sun Sparc S-bus based systems. I've been using them in SS-10's. They are recognized and supported by Linux.
501-2367 (1) $100 each
This card provides two PCMIA slots from one S-bus slot. It comes with a USR WorldPort 14.4k modem.
ADC Network Inc AX7000-S-V35-4Port (1) $100 each
This is a 4-port V.35/RS-449 S-bus card. It's not made by Sun. I don't have drivers for it and I don't know if Linux supports it. A V.35/RS-449 is an interface that would typically be used to connect to a CSU/DSU terminating a T1 or E1 connection.
Performance Tech Single Ended SCSI (1) $10
This is a single-ended narrow SCSI card made by Performance Technologies INC. I have no drivers for this. I have been able to find zero information on the net. I never had it in service here.
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