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Full Version: Frontier SSH Block Work-Around
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Frontier has apparently blocked port 22, the ssh port, claiming it is used to download illegal materials.

Actually, port 22 is used for encrypted interactive terminal sessions and for our Visual Shell product (remote desktop on Linux servers using
x2go, NX, or VNC tunneled through ssh).

I can't help but wonder, given Verizon was the carrier that was providing the NSA all the information about their customers, and then Frontier acquired Verizon services in this region, if the real reason they are blocking port 22 is that they've been compelled to by the NSA, to make it easy for NSA to monitor their customers activities.

Whatever the reason, they shouldn't be determining what portions of the Internet their customers have access to.

So we've enabled port 443, the https port, on our shell servers, as secondary ssh ports to allow you to use ssh, x2go, NX, or OpenNX from Frontier or other ridiculously firewalled locations.

If you should find yourself in a situation where both port 22 and 443 are blocked, contact us and we'll arrange to listen to other ports.