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WordPress Blog to Status.NET
It is possible to provide an automatic post on Status.Net (our server here at or any other that you have an account on) with a WordPress plugin. This will make it easier for people to follow your blogs in one place and it will drive additional traffic to your blog.

You will need an account on a Status.Net server. Ours is invite-only because of spammers. If you would like an account on it, anybody already there can Invite you or you can e-mail and we'll be happy to send you an invite.

You will need a plug called WP

To get it go into your WordPress Dashboard, then select Plugins, then click on Add New. Put WP in the search box and hit search.

Click on the check box by WP and select install, then activate.

Back in your Dashboard, under settings, you will now have a section that is labeled Click on that.

There will be spaces for up to five servers.

Under type select "" and "Basic Auth".

Under Server put the URL of the Status.Net server. For our Status.Net server put "".

Under Path put "api".

Under the Username and Password, put your username and password.

Click on the blue update options button at the bottom and you're done! Now go post on your blog, then go to the server and you should see a notice with the title and with a link to your post.

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