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Spam Filtering

     Due to the ever increasing amounts of spam and the fact that a
substantial portion of my waking hours have recently been wasted dealing
with it, a new spam filtering measure has been put in place.

     Mail coming from relay hosts that are misconfigured permitting
promiscuous relaying (relaying mail from anywhere to anywhere), as
determined by the existance of that server in the ORBS database, will now
be refused with the message "refused - open relay see". 

     Like any spam reduction measure, this is not 100% foolproof in as
much as it will cause legitimate mail to be rejected from the same broken
or misconfigured mail servers.

     The web site does tell how to rectify this problem for the admin of
the open server as well as how to get their server removed from the ORBS
data base once they have it closed to promiscuous relaying.

     You can also add an open relay server to this database using that web
page should you receive spam that is relayed.  Do take a look at: