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Virtual Domains

     The virtual domain server that serves all but a handful of virtual domains
(which are higher traffic and on the www server because it has more memory and
CPU) died today.

     Specifically the hard drive developed a large number of media errors,
probably a head crash at some point, and the root partition was hopelessly

     Rather than replace that drive and spend hours of downtime I decided to
bring up the new machine that was going to replace this one anyway.  Problem
is I don't have ftp ready for it, so the ftp associated with virtual domains
isn't there yet.

     You can update your websites in the meantime by using the
ftp server.

     There may be some CGI scripts that are precompiled binaries that aren't
working and who knows what else.  I hadn't intended to bring this up yet so
may still be a few configuration odds and ends to work out.

     Log files will be unavailable temporarily until we get the NFS mount
points changed to reflect the location on the new machines and older log files
are gone with the dead drive.