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Price "Changes"...

     Usually when you read "Changes" it means "Increases", but not the case
for plans B, C, D, and E.

     Star gave me a price reduction on the other carriers, not as low as the
StarPOP lines were, but enough that I can cut the prices on the other plans.

     The rates for plan A, and F have gone up.  The rates for plans B, C, D,
and E have gone done.

     Now the rates for all the single-channel plans are the same, that is,
plans A, B, C, and E are all the same, and the rates on the dual channel
accounts, D and F are the same.

     The people that have already paid for service at whatever rate will
continue to receive service at the rates that you've paid.  If you took
advantage of the $240/2-year dial plan A, you will still get two years at that
rate.  These changes only affect new subscriptions and renewels.

     Please be sure to check the website for rate changes for any dialup

	Single channel dial access accounts are now:


	Dual channel dial access accounts are now:


     Again a reminder, if you're in dial plan A and use a FlexPOP number,
you need to use '@usb.ppp' instead of '' in your dialup username.
The portion before the '@' remains the same.