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Shell software upgrades

Both 'mhonarc' and 'pine4' were upgraded to newer versions this week.

* 'mhonarc' was updated to the same version across all incoming mail
   servers as well as the shell server to facilitate updating the same
   archives with both methods (potentially automatically for some articles
   and manually for 'moderated' ones).  This software allows a mail list or
   incoming mail to be archived as web pages, etc.

* 'pine4' was upgraded to 4.44, the latest (and fairly stable of late)
   version, with added features (color settings, for one).  Since many
   people connecting with shell accounts ask for this version as well,
   we'll switch things around to default to this newer version (while
   leaving a 'pine3' available if there are folks requiring that version
   for some reason).

   I'll leave a gap before doing that to be sure things work well for folks
   using it as 'pine4' at the moment, as although I tested out basic
   functions like sending, recieving, news posting, etc., I certainly
   didn't test out the majority of the 'favorite settings', etc.  If no
   fixable glitches come my way (either directly or via support), I'll make
   the regular 'pine' default to 4.44 in a few days.

SSH2 is coming as well; Aaron's making sure it gets on the various internal
servers as well and tests well before replacing the default ports, etc.

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