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Dial Plan A Outage - New Information

     We have finally gotten the kinks worked out of the network we are using
for a replacement for dial plan A.

     You should be able to connect by doing the following:

	1) Change your dialup username from enXXXXX@usb.ppp

	2) Change your dial access number to one of the new numbers (in purple)
	   listed on our website.

     If you've already e-mailed me I will reply but I've got a backlog.  If
the above doesn't work for you or you can't access the website, e-mail me
with your eskimo e-mail address, location, and if you have it the number you
were previously dialing, and I'll look up the access number for you.

     If you have the access number and for some reason it still isn't
authenticating, let me know.

	The Seattle number is:       206-384-4967
	The Tacoma number is:        253-590-4967
	The Everett number is:       425-374-4967
	The Bellevue number is:      425-223-4967
	The Vancouver, WA number is: 360-450-4967