Eskimo North

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Eskimo North Users Meeting

     There will be an Eskimo North users meeting open to all who wish to
attend, this weekend, Saturday February 15th at 3 PM.

     These meetings are informal, mostly social (a chance to put faces and
names together, something I'm personally miserable at retaining for more
than five minutes), and myself and some of our staff will be there and
we'll be happy to at least try to answer questions.

     The location will be at Dimitri's Pizza which is located at 14724
15th Ave NE in Shoreline, WA (Just north of the Seattle city limit).

     Coming via I-5 from Seattle or South of Seattle, go all the way
through Seattle and take the 145th ST NE exit from I-5.  Make a right on
145th (east bound) and go about ten blocks to 15th NE and make a left on
15th (northbound).  It will be about a block up on the right (east) side
of 15th NE.

     Coming from North of Seattle on I-5, also take the 145th exit, go
left (east bound) on 145th and proceed as above.

     If you come via Aurora, same thing, go east bound on 145th St, follow
all the way across I-5, about ten more blocks, make a left (north) turn
onto 15th and it's on the right hand side about a block up.

     If you take Metro, routes 78, 314, and 377 stop directly in front of
Dimitris.  Or if 73, 77, or 78 are more convinient, they stop on 15th NE
just south of 145th, then you have to walk north.  On 145th St, just west
of 15th, there is also a stop for route 308, so that's another option.

     Hope to see you there!