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Network Connectivity Upgrade

     This message is technical in nature.  We've increased our network
bandwidth outbound by 10x.  There were some difficulties along the way.
Specifics follow.

     We've upgraded the network connections at the co-lo facility where are
hosts are located from 2 x 10-base-T circuits (20 mbit/s) to 2 x 100-base-TX
circuits (200 mbit/s total).

     Initially we had some difficulties with one of the circuits because one
of the 100-base-T cards was defective causing CRC errors, framing errors, and
large amounts of packet loss.

     But I had a 100-base-T card here that was only taking to a 10-base-T
circuit (via a 10/100 switch) and I just used one of the old 10-base-T cards to
replace it then used the 100-base-T over at the co-lo to replace the bad card,
so now all appears to be well.

     I did not replace the router chassis or install hosts I had hoped to owing
to the problems encountered so those things will be done at another time in the