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Looking for multi-user Linux photo gallery software

     I haven't been successful at finding software that does exactly what I
want so I am posting here in hopes that someone will know of something that
does what I need.

     First some background, I operate an ISP/Hosting company that amoung other
things provides web hosting and shell access.

     Trying to hand-code HTML pages to make a photo gallery is extremely time

     What I'm trying to find is something that would let people create photo
galleries they can easily incorporate into their websites and readily update,
and preferably they can do this all from the web and it's simple to use.

     There are literally hundreds of PHP based gallery software packages on
the web.  The problem with these is the vast majority rae intended for single
users which would mean each customer would have to have the software installed
in their webspace, and the configuration of these packages if often not easy.

     I have found packages that allow the creation of an infinite number of
galleries, but they create them all under one UID, the UID the package runs
under, and they have their own authentication systems so we would have to build
galleries for each user wanting one.

      Or alternatively, each user would have to install the software in their
own directory space, which as previously mentioned, I am trying to avoid, both
because it's a wasteful to have a gazillion copies of the same software
package, and because a good intuitive web interface would open it up to almost
anybody, I don't want this to be a geek-only application.

      What I'm looking for is something that can authenticate the user based
upon the Unix authentication scheme (possibly using PAM), that then has the
capability of changing to that users ID and manipulating a gallery or galleries
in their directory space.

      I've looked at Gallery, Coppermine, Yappa-NG, and a handful of others,
so far none of them appear to be what I want and I don't find anything Googling
that even seems close.