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Big Fire South of Bellevue

     I live at the northern extreme of Shoreline WA.

     Around 1:30 AM we started smelling something outside that had a burning
plastic smell.  At first I thought there was some idiot burning plastics in
their fireplace or something thinking nobody would notice at 1:30 AM.

     I went out and walked a few blocks outside, and I could smell it no matter
where I went.  It became apparent something large was happening somewhere.

     I called the fire department, they informed me that I was smelling smoke
from a large fire south of Bellevue. I asked them what was burning, they would
not tell me but said it would be burning all night.

     Does anyone know what is on fire and why they won't tell us what it is?
My eyes are burning a little now, I'm concerned that this is dangerous.

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