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Qwest DSL Pricing

     I made an error yesterday in the pricing info I sent out with respect
to the 1.5M/1M monthly pricing.  Here is a corrected price maxtrix for Qwest

     New Lower (MUCH) Qwest DSL ISP Pricing.

     We can now service Qwest DSL in all locations Qwest provides service.
Different rates may apply to some locations in Iowa and North Dakota.

     Note 1: Existing Eskimo North Qwest DSL customers will need to have
configuration changes made in order to take advantage of this new pricing.  
This will require coordination between us, you, and the telco. Please
contact customer support for details.

     Note 2: In some locations in Iowa and North Dakota, these prices are
not available and different prices will apply.  Please contact customer
support and ask for a quote if you are in these areas.

     Note 3: Qwest is now labeling the upload speed on the faster circuits
as 1MB, in reality usually we see the modems sync up at 896K.

     Note 4: These are the ISP charges only.  Qwest will bill for the line 
charges directly.  However, please order circuit or switch ISPs through 
us. We have a subagency now and can handle all of your Qwest product 
needs including wireless, long distance, and digital TV.

     KEY: "AP" is the AutoPay rate, "1T" is the one-time individual 
payment rate. For periods of a year the are the same.  Autopay is not 
available on terms longer than one year.

     Speed        Monthly      QTR      HALF      1YR     2YR    3YR
                   AP/1T      AP/1T     AP/1T    AP/1T    1T     1T
   256k/256k      $20/22     $57/63    $108/111  $216    $408   $540
    1.5M/1M       $25/27     $72/78    $138/141  $276    $528   $756
    3.0M/1M       $35/37     $102/108  $198/201  $384    $744   $1044
    5.0M/1M	  $40/42     $117/123  $228/231  $432	 $840   $1188
    7.00/1M       $45/47     $135/141  $258/261  $504    $960   $1368

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