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Density - Agenda 21

Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 10:43 am
by Nanook
I grew up in the Maple Leaf area of Seattle where it was almost entirely single family dwellings. The area south of me was a little more dense than where I lived in that the distance between houses was smaller and yards were smaller but it was still single family dwellings. Over the time I lived there, houses were bulldozed and apartments started popping up everywhere. What used to be low traffic neighborhoods became traffic jams with the streets becoming parking lots because the apartments were built without any.

In 1983 I moved to Shoreline, into a neighborhood much like the neighborhood I grew up in used to be, although more wooded, which I liked. There was much undeveloped land still, everything behind me was undeveloped, the area between 1st and Meridian and 195th and 205th was a big block of woods, undeveloped.

They've taken the area behind my house and divided every lot the size of mine and put three houses on each. They've taken the area between Meridian and 1st and put a massive apartment complex there. Now it's almost impossible to get onto 205th from 5th or 6th because the traffic is so bad, I have to go up to 1st where there is a light.

Meanwhile as many of my neighbors died or moved away, new neighbors from California and the like moved in and cut down all the trees on their lots so they could emulate the desert they were from as best they could.

The area just three blocks south of me has been zoned for 70 foot apartments. The traffic is already unmanageable and with no meaningful public transit in the area it will only get worse. And no doubt these apartments will have no parking so it will all be on the already congested streets.

What drives this? Almost all of our city council are property developers. They can buy property with houses, demolish them, and put 70 feet apartments or condos on them and sell it for a lot more. This was the same situation that existed in Seattle when I moved out, probably still does exist, I haven't attended a city council meeting since.

Then there is agenda 21, a UN agenda that aims to put almost all humans on about 1/10th of 1 percent of the Earth's land and turn the rest into a wildlife reserve where humans aren't allowed to set foot.

I'm about the point where I wanna say stop this planet, I want to get off. The ride ain't no fun anymore.

Re: Density - Agenda 21

Posted: Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:38 pm
by csaether
Just a newcomer here, only 30 years now. My wife is a native, though, and has similar complaints to yours. Nonetheless, I think that it is a better thing to have a vibrant place that people want to move to than one that slowly fades away. The developers only follow the money, after all. That said, I'm lucky to have been able to move to north Queen Anne when I did, because I would not be able to afford it now. And a number of recent jobs in software development in Seattle proper, not the east side, so I've been able to either walk or ride a bike to work.

Re: Density - Agenda 21

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2015 1:10 pm
by Nanook
I'm not sure it qualifies as either vibrant or necessarily a place people want to move to. It has become a place I want to move away from.

One big complaint I have about Seattle is that it used to have an awesome music scene, now between noise restrictions and the restrictions on all age venues going past 10pm EVEN ON WEEKENDS, has severely hurt the music scene.

Another complaint is that it's virtually impossible to go anywhere in Seattle and not have the city charge you to park.

High density seems to breed poverty, drug addiction, and violence, and you see that in many of Seattle's neighborhoods.

I like to see things like actual vegetation instead of concrete blocks everywhere. Just me I guess.

Re: Density - Agenda 21

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 7:45 pm
by Edison Thoreau Homer III
Perhaps Western society in America peaked around the time of Jimmy Carter. Cultural leadership deteriorated to such an extent that the arts suffered significantly. Many aspects of culture do indeed come from the top down. When the upper strata does not lead by example the lower reaches tend to fall off the cliff. There is a great deal of truth in aiming at excellence, rather than not caring. I think sloth has been a portion of the ruination of America.