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New Shell Servers

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:00 pm
by Nanook
We have two new shell servers available for your use. is Zorin Linux, a derivative of Ubuntu. Like Ubuntu it is very current and secure. It also features a wide assortment of applications, over 200GB worth so far. Because it is current and because it has a very wide variety of development tools (and still more to come), it is a good site to use for development. As with our other servers x2go full remote desktop complete with remote printing, sound, and even USB devices, is available. is MX Linux, it's not as current as Zorin in most ways but does feature a modern kernel. One thing some people like is that it does many things old school, it uses system-V style start up even though it has systemd, it is pretty much only used for machine state and init. It runs scripts for level changes just as system-V does.