What If?

I try to find meaning in dreams and yet some people would say meaning is something which is ascribed. It may indeed be ascribed but not necessarily by our conscious mind but in the collective subconscious and thus does point to a connectivity among us. Anyway, I'm interested in exchanging dream experiences and speculation on what they might mean.

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What If?

Post by Nanook » Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:36 pm

I myself have no memories of a previous life. But one of my sons remembers many lives, or imagines them, I have no way of knowing.

If reincarnation is real and most of us just do not remember, then what if we can be incarnated in more than one life at the same physical time, not the same time for us experientially but in the physical world we can exist in multiple bodies at the same time.

What if ALL of the bodies are just one life reincarnated, all of the bodies throughout history, perhaps all life throughout history, on this planet and others, all planets, are us, the same life?

Perhaps the creator and the created are not so separate. Jesus speaks of us being in him as he is in the father if we believe in him.

Perhaps at the end of it all we will remember every life. It will seem such an embarrassment, the way we've treated each other.

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