Editing Themes in WordPress, myBB, other CMS apps

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Editing Themes in WordPress, myBB, other CMS apps

Post by Nanook » Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:26 pm

One of the challenges in authoring using content management systems is getting the look and feel you want.

It can be daunting finding the correct CSS code to modify when you've got multiple CSS files several thousand lines long each.

I'm sure others have figured this out long ago, but reading various posts on the web, it's also clear that many, like me, have been groping through these thousands of lines of code and trying various instances of font-size or whatever you are trying to change before stumbling on the correct one.

Firefox has a tool that makes easy work of this. I wish I had bothered to explore and understand it years ago. It is the "Element Inspector".

Hover over whatever it is you might wish to change, like this text for example, right click and from the pull-down menu choose "Element Inspector", then left click on that.

You'll get two boxes to the right, one with the relevant HTML and one below with the relevant CSS. The CSS will include the filename and exact line number in a turquoise font. You can then go straight to that file and using a text editor that displays lines, such as 'ex', straight to the line and change it.
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