BitTorrent Work-Around

Many large corporate ISPs are blocking ports and taking other restrictive actions to limit your use of the Internet, particularly to limit your use of encryption.

Here are some ways to get around these issues.

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BitTorrent Work-Around

Post by Nanook » Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:26 pm

This Wiki Article discusses an alleged practice of Comcast using Sandvine hardware that sends forged RST packets to knock down BitTorrent connections.

Much Linux open source, such as PC Linux OS and free software uses BitTorrent as it's preferred or exclusive form of distribution.

Those of you who are running Windows XP and looking for a replacement, since Microsoft is no longer supporting it, might want to consider this.

At any rate, if you're finding yourself unable to download a Torrent because of Comcast or other providers policies, we provide a work around for this.

If you setup one of the remote desktop clients we support such as x2go, OpenNX, NX, or VNC (tunneled through ssh), you can use qbittorrent on our server: Applications->Internet->qBittorrent

To download an image as large as a Linux distribution, you will need a power shell here (provides 10GB, PC Linux OS is about 3.7GB).

After downloading it to your shell space here, you can then use FTP to FTP the ISO from your shell space here to your home computer, and then use a disk burning utility such as Nero to burn an install disk.

I do require that you limit your use of BitTorrent here to legal materials, that do not seed pirated or otherwise illegal material, and that you be reasonable on your overall bandwidth consumption.

I don't subscribe to the theory that because something can be used illegally, that it should be broadly banned. Telephones are used to plan bank robberies and drug deals, but there are also legitimate uses for phones so we don't ban them. It should be the same for Torrents which are just another communications media.

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