The Jackles Are Now Devouring Each Other

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The Jackles Are Now Devouring Each Other

Post by Nanook » Fri Nov 09, 2018 4:29 pm

We are definitely living in interesting times. The "Q" phenomena is an interesting one and I believe there is some truth to it. But any good lie anyways has a kernel of truth to make it believable. I don't like Trump as a person. I think he is racist, sexist, egotistical, insensitive to the needs of the common human and only concerned with the ultra-wealthy like himself, dishonest, in short morally reprehensible. But I also know the deep state exists, and I know other people who have tried to address it, Kennedy for example, wound up dead. I think it takes an asshole of Trumps caliber to go up against these people and I think he is doing so. I didn't like Richard Nixon for pretty much all the same reasons I don't like Donald Trump, but Nixon did get us out of the Vietnam war after first escalating it, did get us on talking terms with the Chinese which has been a good thing for the world economy but perhaps not for our own, and did create the EPA. As much as I find Trump a disgusting individual, if he reigns in the CIA, jails some of the deep state, it will be worth enduring him.

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