Major Changes to Eskimo's Web Server

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Major Changes to Eskimo's Web Server

Post by Nanook » Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:53 pm

I've made significant changes to Eskimo's web server; among them:

I've implemented file system cache for the NFS file systems upon which it depends so that most frequently used files can be fetched from local disk.

I've increased the number of workers more than ten fold which enables it to handle a large number of parallel connections now, such as when a page has several hundred images.

I've set expire headers to leverage browser caching whenever possible.

I've increased the size and duration of the SSL connection cache to speed up SSL processing.

I've fixed two PHP bugs on our home page that were causing it take close to one second to load, now loads in 110-130ms.

I've added re-write rules that cause all connections to Eskimo's domains to be SSL, even if https wasn't specified. This is to prevent user authentication and other sensitive information from being sniffed.

My hope is that this will make for a more pleasant experience for you. If you have any further suggestions please e-mail

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