SSL Websites


When you login to your banks Internet Banking website, or go to the check-out section of an online store, you have probably noticed that the URL begins with "https" instead of "http".

When a URL begins with "https", it means that the session is encrypted so that the data can't be intercepted by someone in the middle.


This capability is referred to as SSL or Secure Socket Layer. We provide this capability. If you have a need for secure connectivity in your domain hosted here, you only need to purchase an SSL certificate. We will install it, then your domain will have SSL capability.

The only additional cost to provide SSL capability is the need to purchase an SSL certificate.


There are many different certificate authorities from which you can purchase certificates. It is important that the certificate you purchase be in "PEM" format.

It may be helpful to know what software you are obtaining a certificate for. We are using Apache 2.4.x software for our web server.

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