Maintenance is still in progress.

Shellx took much longer than normal because I lost connectivity with the server near the end of the imaging process and had to start over.  It will be back up momentarily.

Scientific is also down being imaged. is still up and available as is the old ‘’ sever.

Shellx is backup now and is finished for the evening.

The mail server will be next and then ftp / www.  After scientific completes Debian will be next.

ftp and www reboot 11:15AM 8/8/2014

I rebooted the web server at 11:15AM because PHP applications were responding slowly and I was unable to find any heavy load to justify the cause.  Since the machine needed to be rebooted to load a new kernel anyway I booted it.  After the boot it responded normally.  Downtime was approximately two minutes.

Gnome3, Unity, KDE4 with Centos 7, Scientific Linux 7, Ubuntu, and Mint All Problematic

With any of the above Desktops there is the option to Shutdown, Reboot, Hibernate, or Suspend available to the normal non-administrative user.  The polkit-1 settings don’t seem to work.  If anyone knows of a fix, I’d really like to make these new servers running Centos 7, Scientific Linux 7, Ubuntu, and Mint available.