About Nanook

55 male married with 4 adult children, founder, owner, operator of Eskimo North. If you need web design, building, maintenance, computer cleaning, updating, optimizing, Linux tuning, securing, applications, just about anything computer related, e-mail me.

Fedora Ugh…

     After spending a day working on getting a new Fedora 21 server up, I think I’m going to go with Ubuntu instead.  The install tools don’t work properly in Fedora 21, and they’re going to replace it with something new and probably even more broken in Fedora 22.  Too much revolution instead of evolution in this distribution at this time.

Mail Server Infrastructure

     Spam has increased and new techniques spammers are using are getting past the old version of spamassassin we have in place.  The version of spamassassin in place is old because it’s the version provided by CentOS 6 which those servers are based upon.

     I plan on replacing the servers with new Fedora based installations because Fedora is always current and thus it is easy to compile and install current applications like the most current version of SpamAssassin which is 3.4.0.

     The new version of SpamAssassin has a new Bayes engine that has a database back end instead of text files allowing it to store much more information and still process mail in a timely manner and at the same time be more effective.

     It has a number of other improvements as well.

     I will be making the changes first to the incoming mail servers since most spam originates out there on botnets comprised largely of compromised Windows machines and more recently personal routers that are not properly secured.  Once those are up and running, I will put together a replacement client machine.