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Seattle-area 56k routing issues

A second carrier is being added for the equipment serving the
Seattle-area (including Everett and Tacoma)  56k lines, but
errors occurred in the routing of the new carrier.  There are
currently technicians on-site working on the routers to solve
this problem. 

The end result of this is that there will be two carriers on the
data lines instead of the current one, which will add redundancy
and improve service.

The latest two updates tonight:

> Problem:	Routing from Seattle
> Time:		23:19   9/17/1999   CST
> Status:	ONGOING
> Situation:	Users dialing into the Seattle PoP may experience
> 		routing problems at this time. Engineers are still on
> 		site and working to resolve this issue as quickly as
> 		possible.
> Eta:		Unknown

> Problem:	Routing from Seattle
> Time:		00:35   9/18/1999   CST
> Status:	RESOLVED
> Situation:	The routing issue has been resolved from initial tests.
> 		We will be watching it very closely throughout the
> 		night to ensure that it is fully operational in all
> 		aspects.

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