Eskimo North

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Planned Maintenance Outage - 11PM Friday 2/23/2001

     I am planning on taking the web and file server down in order to
physically move it downstairs where the other hosts are so that I can connect
it to a dedicated port on the switch that connects to the FDDI backbone. 

     The amount of traffic justifies it's own port.  Right now it is sharing a
10-base-T connection via a 4-port hub with my workstation, mx2, and chat.  The
reason for this is that I set it up upstairs initially and hadn't plan on
putting it in service quite as soon as I did.  Combination of dead drive on
www2 and dead CPU module on www forced the issue. 

     At that time I am also going to take eskimo, the shell server, which also
provides authentication for the v.34 dialups, down in order to install
additional RAM and some faster drives. 

     We are also going to try to clear up some of the wiring clutter, so there
will be a few short outages of other services as we unplug and untangle cables.