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Re: Ultra1 memory and apache

On Thu, 27 Sep 2001, Eric T. Jorgensen wrote:
> Memory froze up on Ultra1 when dealing with apache (the web server) today
> at about 4:15pm (or shortly before that), requiring a reboot and disk scan.
> Automatic scan went through without complaints, so downtime was about 10-15
> minutes.

     I'm trying to get LaBrea operational, something Chris stumbled across that
seems like a perfect fix (it basically causes these viruses to get stuck on a
bogus connection so they don't trash the web server).  It also has the benefit
of really reducing the effectiveness of portscans so is a good security tool as

     The web server is badly affected by this virus because we host so many
domains and when an infected machine hits our address space, it hits it
approximately 5,000 times, approximately ten times for each domain.