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Re: Power related problems...

On Fri, 12 Oct 2001, Noah Romer wrote:
> >      Linux Gurus:
> > 
> >      I am having problems with portmap being flakey on one box that so far as
> > I can tell is configured identically to other boxes.  It may be a version issue
> > (I'm not sure how to tell what version portmapper is).
> Not sure if this is what you mean, but, portmap should be in /sbin, so
> `rpm -qf /sbin/portmap` will tell you what portmap package is installed on
> your machine. On my Red Hat 7.1 system here at work, it says I have the
> portmap-4.0-35 rpm package installed.

     Unfortunately, only works if you have installed using rpm; on most of the
machines here things have been recompiled from source and rpm either doesn't
provide info or doesn't provide accurate info. 

     In particular, I've got one box that works correctly and one that doesn't,
but I can't get the version for the one that does.