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Re: server throttling

On Thu, 18 Oct 2001 wrote:
> We noticed that your news server was not taking the feed from the
> Service Adapter at your site.  When we telnet to the news server on
> port 119, we get a message indicating that your news server is throttling.
> At your  convenience, could you take a look at this?

     This is about the strangest thing I've run into.  News expire kept
exploding, couldn't figure out why.  It only copied part of the history so I
assumed it was something corrupted in history.

     Ran fixhist, it spit about 297,000 bad entries.  Each consisted of a line
like this:

[57DD0C186A98BACF9E3BE89E915C1C46]	1003463208~-~1003462442

     Notice, no group name and hex data.  I'm aware that some news software
spits out hex message ID's but there should be a valid group name.  It looks to
me like someone encoded a file in hex, encoded it into message ID's and issued
297,000 bogus cancels to get it into the history.  Too many people with too
much time on their hands. 

     Very odd.  History is cleaned up, expire ran, and everything is back up
and running now.