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     Damn damn damn!   Star Internet Comm was sold; and when it was sold the
terms of our contract was supposed to be the same.  However, we have lost
access to Qwest because of another snafu that is related to this and the fact
that the company that bought the Qwest portion has totally different terms
and the database for a realm, like can only point to one place or
the other.

     Consequently, only StarPOP remains in dial plan A at present.  We may gain
access to Qwest again through another carrier but it would have a 150 channel
hour cap.  StarPOP is flat-rate.

     Also, I was told today that Grid.NET is going out of business and so we'll
lose that from dial plan B because it's going to cease to be.  MegaPOP is iffy
right now.  We may be able to continue to have access to MegaPOP dialups but
again possibly via a different carrier so it may end up being a different
dialup plan.

     To avoid interruption, if you are on dial plan B, it would be best to use
the UUNET numbers.  If you are on dial plan A, StarPOP are currently the only
numbers working.  If you are in an area that has no StarPOP number and you have
been using Qwest we'll work with you to get you on one of the other dialup
plans that does have a local number.