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Re: Telia routing down

Still no ETR on a full fix for Telia routing, but there are updates...

Telia and AT&T are working with (or against as seems to be the case at
times) Sprintlink about peering issues between the two backbones.  Trouble
tickets are open on both ends. 

Routing to many other locations appear to be working.  In order to "find"
sites, however, dialup connections need to be set for "server-assigned" DNS
at the moment, rather than our prefered "specified" settings:

In Windows machines, for example:

  My Computer / Dialup Networking /
    right-click Eskimo, choose "Properties" /
      "Server Types" tab / click "TCP/IP Settings" button:

      (*) Server assigned name server addresses (check)
      ( ) Specify name server addresses         (uncheck)

Some users have had luck getting to most sites (but still not our own) with
the server-assigned DNS servers.  I've verified this when testing for
things like

~ Eric

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