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StarPOP Numbers

     I've had some communication from the CEO at StarPOP and there have been
some developments, so if you're on dial plan A or F, please read this.  If you
were up for renew on ANY dial plan, please read this.

     There is a contract dispute between Star Communications and ELI, it
revolves around a number of issues.  One was the problem with authentication
failing in the evenings.  But another issue is that ELI apparently sold ports
directly to some of their larger customers leaving them with large numbers of
ports in some cities they didn't need but ELI wouldn't decrease the number of

     They didn't reach agreement, Star refused to pay, ELI shut them off.  The
CEO of Star did not sound optimistic about a near-term resolution.  At least
that's my understanding of what happened. 

     Now, I've obtained access to another network, FlexPOP, and it is now part
of dial plan A.  If you have dial plan A and the number you were using no
longer works and you can get web access somewhere, the fastest way to get back
in service is to look at our website, find a number that is still working in
dial plan A, and if it's one of the FlexPOP numbers, change the ''
in your dialup username to '@usb.ppp'.

     If you don't have web access, our support people will continue to work
with you to get you back in service but they will be swamped until everybody
is on working numbers again.

     The StarPOP numbers are in violate, the FlexPOP numbers are in blue, if
you switch from StarPOP to FlexPOP you will need to change the '' to

     I apologize for this disruption.  It's really frustrating to me when these
big carriers have disagreements and it ends up adversely affecting our

     I will continue to work on getting our Radius server online and getting
some more direct arrangements as well as diversifying our backbone connections
to reduce the possible points of failure.