Eskimo North

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     After the network connectivity was restored, our mail server for clients
that provides pop-3 and imap service, and for some smtp service, died and would
not reboot.

     Any attempted to boot resulted in "Level 15 Interrupt Error" (that really
nails it down).

     Tried replacing the CPU module, no go.  So I swapped all the components
into a spare chassis.  Turns out the spare chassis was also bad and didn't even
progress to the point of booting.

     When I put all the components back in the old chassis I noticed that the
connector for the hard drive wasn't all the way on, so I pushed it on, powered
things up, and the machine booted.

     It died about five minutes later but this time complaining about a bad

     I removed the defective SIMM, the server is now back up and running.