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[Megapop_alert] Routing Loss - 036 - Vancouver, Canada (fwd)

     Routing loss affecting Vancounver BC MegaPOP access number.

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Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 17:39:49 -0600
Subject: [Megapop_alert] Routing Loss - 036 - Vancouver, Canada

Attention MegaPOP Customer,

At 17:39 on 2002-03-14 the following was posted to Network Alerts:

Problem : Routing Loss
Location: 036 - Vancouver, Canada
Status  : Ongoing
Event   : Major problem with the Network  

Detailed Description:

We are currently experiencing a routing loss to the Vancouver POP. Engineers
are currently working on this issue, however there is no ETR at this time. We
will post new information as it becomes available.