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268-2041 busies; 267-1140 connects well

In the Seattle area, the StarPOP/FlexPOP line '206-268-2041' is getting
"All circuits are busy" recordings or busy signals (presumably "fast"
busies, but I've only heard the recording version from our location).

The 206-267-1140 number is connecting and authenticating correctly, but the
username must change slightly -- the extension rather than the older
'' would need to change to ''.  For instance:

what was:
becomes:   en-----@usb.ppp

This is not the authentication changes that Robert had emailed people about
earlier last month (March), but a change from a few months ago for the new
FlexPOP lines such as the listed 267-1140.

I have opened a ticket regarding the recordings on the 268 number, but have
heard no word at this time.  I'll keep checking on it, however.