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Telia routing and Sprintlink

(Sorry for the outages-list post a few minutes ago; someone had CC'd to it
without being able to post, and I didn't catch the 'Reply to all' before

Telia seems not to be able to route to us tonight, and part of the issue is
at Sprintlink's end -- our backbone.  They had some equipment upgraded over
the weekend, and currently traceroutes to many Telia IPs are not getting
beyond our first hop.  Robert's checking on that with Sprint at the moment
while opening a trouble ticket.

Some IPs are getting beyond the first hop and into other backbone
providers, but no further.  I've called this into our dialup provider's
techs to look into it from their end as well.

No ETR at the moment, but it seems to not be affecting the other dialups
(FlexPOP, UUNet, MegaPOP, which are connecting to the mail server, etc.)

~ Eric

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