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Seattle-area FlexPOP busies

The following are currently coming up as constant busies; I've called this
in to the techs to see if it's a capacity issue or some server that needs a
reboot, etc.  Not all of the FlexPOP lines are affetced, only those ending
in *-1140:

206-267-1140	FlexPOP		Seattle
425-274-1140	FlexPOP		Bellevue
425-968-1140	FlexPOP		Kirkland
425-272-1140	FlexPOP		Renton
253-479-1140	FlexPOP		Kent

Many of these areas have alternate numbers available that do get through
and connect, such as:

425-818-9411	FlexPOP		Bellevue
425-939-9411	FlexPOP		Bothell
425-996-9411	FlexPOP		Issaquah
425-605-9411	FlexPOP		Kirkland
253-269-9411	FlexPOP		Auburn
253-321-9411	FlexPOP		Sumner

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