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Dial Plan A Outage

     It appears the carrier we used to provide dial plan A has gone out of
business.  I haven't been able to confirm this directly but I've heard it from
one of the two founders who previously sold his interest.

     We didn't get any advanced warning, things just stopped working sometime
early this morning.  This has affected 669 customers. 

     We've made arrangements to provide this service using another carrier,
it's back to StarPOP with new numbers, they've got a replacement for ELI.

     In order to get back online with dial plan A you will need to obtain one
of the new access numbers which are now on our website,

     You will need to change the portion of your dialup username after the '@'
sign from '@usb.ppp' to '@usb.ispy'.

     Obviously a lot of people don't have network access and won't be able to
read this.  But if you are able to read this, this should get you back online.

     If we've already talked to you and moved you to a different network, go
ahead and use that information.  Otherwise if you're able to read this, and we
haven't given you different information, please use this.