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Re: Unsolved problem

> Hello,
> I am a Telia customer in Portland, now before you stop reading this, please
> hang with me and read the rest of the message.
> I understand you are having some sort of problem with Telia customers and
> authentication.  I am *not* experiencing that problem.  I am a Telia ISDN
> customer, and I can get on, use the entire Internet (or at least the parts I
> regularly use), without a problem.   The only place I can't reach is eskimo.
> Whenever I try to get my email, or access your web site, I get no response.

     These are completely seperate issues.

     The authentication problem was related to a problem with Radius not
talking to the SQL database properly at a port aggregator we use in Florida.
That's been an intermittant ongoing problem and we are in the process of
turning up our own duplicated Radius servers and SQL databases to eliminate the
intermittant authentication issues.  Unfortunately, the routing problems are
preventing us from being able to complete testing of the Radius configuration

     The routing problem is a network peering issue.  Telia uses Global
Crossings for the dialups, our hosts are on Sprint backbone connections.
Global crossing advertises Telias routes to Sprint, Sprint and Telia do not
peer directly.  For some reason those routes are not presently being
advertised.  People at Telia, Global Crossings, and Sprint are all working
towards a resolution.

     One of the problems that the internet as a whole experiences is a
phenomena called "flapping" where BGP-4 routes used to advertise routes of
other networks rapidly change.  This happens when for example a circuit is
noisy and the route rapidly becomes usable or unusable.  This reaches a point
where it overloads routers and had become a real problem internet wide several
years ago.  Cisco introduced software to their routers that would kill BGP-4
routes if they were flapping to prevent degredation of the rest of the network.

     Earlier, Telia had a problem in their network.  The operating theory at
present is that it caused flapping of the BGP-4 routes that may have caused
Global Crossings routers to nix the routes on ingress.  Engineers from all
three companies are presently working to resolve the problem. 

     I've got a ticket open with Sprint and our port aggregator has one open
with Telia.  I will continue to escalate the Sprint ticket as our contract