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Authentication and Telia routing, early AM

When I arrived this morning, there were some voice mails about
authentication (at least UUNet and Telia) being down, and by the times
reported, and after speaking with the port aggregator, it appears that was
down from roughly 3:30am to 6:00am our time.  It may have been
intermittent, as we had one call from about 3:40 and a batch around

After authentication came back up, however, Telia lines were not routing
correctly to our servers.  By the time I gathered some traces to report, it
was back as well.  I did report the traces I gathered at the tail end of
the outage, however.  This was not a Telia-wide outage; during the period
that sites in the Pacific Northwest were not routing, dialups in NY, for
example, were coming in regularly.  By our mail logs, the Telia routing
outage would have been between roughly 4:30am and 7:35am.

I'll keep an eye on both of these through the day as well.