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MegaPOP Routing - Houston, TX (fwd)

(A few updates this morning massaged into one)

At 13:50 on 2002-06-10 the following was posted to Network Alerts:

Problem : Loss of Routing
Location: 112 - Houston   Focal, TX
Status  : Ongoing
Event   : Major problem with the Network  

Detailed Description:

(10:52 on 2002-06-10)
We are currently experiencing a loss of routing to our Houston Site #112.
This loss of routing will affect user authentication during this outage.
Engineers are working to resolve this matter at this time.
(12:21 on 2002-06-10)
We are still working with our data provider to resolve the loss of routing
to the Houston POP.  There is a possible fiber cut affecting an OC3
circuit, on which our service rides.
(13:50 on 2002-06-10 - latest)
Our data provider is now working with a long haul provider to investigate
and locate the point of failure.  This issue has been escalated within both
companies and is being labeled as a critical outage.

ETR: none