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     Note: This post deals with technical issues.  If you're not interested
in the underlying nightmares involved, or not comfortable with technical
matters, please ignore this post.

     I spent several ours trying to get the RAID partition on Ultra1 for
userspace to be recognized by the normal kernel.

     The problem is that I implimented MINGO's patches back in 2.2.17, and the
md device created isn't recognized by the normal kernel without the patch.

     The normal kernel wants the devices used for the RAID partition to have
a partition type of oxfd for auto-detect to work (but manual starting it
doesn't work either, if you try to start it as a new type it says must not be
a persistant superblock type partition, but it is).

     When I created the partitions initially, I set them to type '5' Linux
Native.  Trying to change these with fdisk (the Linux verson), it fails to
change them.  Says to reboot to make sure they're changed, but that doesn't
work either.

     Is there a newer version of fdisk that correctly updates partition tables
on mounted SCSI disks?