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RAID / Linux / PITA

     Another technical article, skip if not interested....

     I finally got RAID to work, then NFS wouldn't talk right to SunOS
machines, which amoung other things, the shell server is.

     So back on 2.2.17 for now.  I remember I had to patch knfsd on 2.2.17
to work right with SunOS too, but I don't remember what I did, something to
do with a define that made it work the way the SunOS daemon does.

     Back to the drawing board for now...  I'm trying to get these machines up
to a more modern kernel because there are a number of bug fixes that make the
machines more stable and less vunerable to certain denial of service types of
attacks.  They've changed SYN Cookies to a per socket basis for example.  With
the older kernels, sometimes if they're hit with a heavy enough SYN flood
they'll lock, the newer kernels don't seem to do that.

     What a pain...