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Re: Telia regional outage (Eastern US)

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Eric T. Jorgensen wrote:

> Telia lines are experiencing authentication and connection outages in the
> Eastern US this morning; I've confirmed this on Forida, Louisiana, and New
> York lines.  From Chicago to the Western US, they are authenticating
> correctly.  It seemes to be a peering issue on the Telia backbone or [points]
> between it and the authentication servers; there are trouble tickets open
> now to have technicians check on that to restore service ASAP.
> No ETR at the moment, but I'll keep track of things as well.

Still no ETR, but I've heard back from our port aggregator that this is
already listed among Telia's top-level tickets, and is being actively
worked on ASAP.