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Re: Mail Server Maintenance

On Sun, 30 Jun 2002, Yaffa J. Sassoon wrote:
> Hi,
> So will incoming mail arrive at your system or bounce or ? (Yes I know
> that most sending email systems should try again for a few hours).
> If mail won't be held by your system, please could you let us know when
> the work is completed as I may reroute in the meantime
> Thanks,
> Yaffa

     I should have been more specific with respect to what this will affect,
and it will be around 1:30AM-2:00AM.

     This maintenance will not affect incoming mail.  You will still be able
to get mail via the shell server.  You will not be able to send mail or access
your e-mail via pop-3 or imap during the maintenance.  You will not be able to
send mail via SMTP during the maintenance.  This will affect some shell servers
that try to use, others will queue mail on eskimo and send when
it comes back up.