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Telia routing, Seattle area

Routing in the Seattle area for Telia (which also includes Everett,
Bellevue, Tacoma, etc.) was failing after authentication this morning for a
couple users that called in.  We didn't catch it right away, as Telia
connections from elsewhere were coming in correctly.  I did call this in to
our port aggregator as well to have them check on things on their end (I
noticed that Seattle-specific Telia lines didn't have any connections to
the mail server for a couple hours), when a couple more users began
reporting the same issue.

Turns out Telia was reconfiguring equipment this morning, and as soon as
they were called, they checked on things and found the problem to bring
things back up ASAP.  It's back up and routing now.  Downtime in the
Seattle area was probably about 3 hours (based on logs I can see).