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Web Server

     I broke the web server today, adding another virtual domain.  When we try
to add more than about 417 domains it no longer will execute CGI scripts.  Was
able to take out a dead domain to get it working again (and there are a few
more that I can remove) but I don't yet understand why it's failing at that

     I thought it might be a file descriptor issue, but bumped those up and it
didn't fix it.  I don't know if it's something hard coded in Apache that is
breaking, or if it's using the select() system call which is somewhat broken
on Linux (won't handle more than 1024 descriptrs).  At least I think it's
select() might be poll().  At any rate, been up all night too tired to dig in

     But this was the cause of interruption this morning.  Booted the server
to eliminate something goofed in memory and that didn't go clean, required
three fsck's to get it back up.