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[Megapop_announce] Maintenance New: Equipment Upgrade

     This is a notice of schedualed maintenance work on the MegaPOP network. I
don't know why they say this isn't service impacting, it certainly is. The
reboot will tear down all calls in progress and calls won't be able to be
initiated during the boot which if all goes well usually last about five
minutes but sometimes all doesn't go well and it ends up taking much longer.

     Note the times are Central timezone.

Service Impacting : No
Service Critical  : No
Service Location  : #999 - Global
Scheduled Service : 2002-09-24 05:00:00
Maintenance Status: Scheduled Maintenance

Detailed Description:

We will be performing upgrades to our 5300s.  They will need to be rebooted for
this work to be completed.  Users will be disconnected during that time, and
may experience difficulties getting connected while the boxes come back online.

September 24, 2002 0500 CDT
038 - Raleigh
029 - Charlotte
081 - Western Mass.
031 - Orlando
033 - Tampa
050 - South Florida

September 24, 2002 0530 CDT
008 - Detroit
071 - Dallas/Ft. Worth 2
006 - Oakland
015 - LAX
018 - Stockton
057 - Las Vegas
075 - Seattle