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Outage 10pm

     Sorry the outage for some services for the kernel upgrade.  Our main file
server was on 2.2.17 and hadn't been updated in a long time because it was a
heavily patched kernel for changes to RAID and to make it's NFS work properly
with SunOS.

     What I didn't know about is that they changed the way file handles are
determined between 2.2.17 and 2.2.18, so I managed to get 2.2.22 all patched
up but none of the machines would talk to it without a reboot of each machine
because of stale file handles.

     Only one machine is left to upgrade now and that shouldn't be service

     I had to do this right away because a root exploit was found in the Linux
kernel.  If you are running a 2.2.x version of Linux, you should upgrade to
2.2.22 immediately, if you are running 2.4.x, be sure you're on the latest
version as well.