Eskimo North

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Shell Server upgrade partially successful

     The Eskimo was previously in an SS-10 chassis with Ross Hypersparc CPU's
and the drive in an external case.  The drive was an SCA type, the SS-10
chassis requiring the older 40-pin drives internally.

     What I had hopped to do was to move it over to an SS-20 allowing the drive
to be internal, with a faster bus, and with 125Mhz CPU's.  We weren't able to
get the SS-20 to boot however, so ended up putting the 125Mhz CPU's in the
SS-10 chassis.

     Everything I find on the web says an SS-20 should run SunOS 4.1.4, even
with the Ross Hypersparc CPU's but this particular unit has a built-in frame
buffer that is not supported by SunOS.  It may be that frame buffer is the
reason it won't boot or the chassis may just be defective.

     At any rate, this will be revisited at some point in the future when I
can determine what the issue is and we either get a non-broken chassis or one
without the built in frame buffer.