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[Megapop_alert] UPDATE: Loss of routing - 998 - Regional, (fwd)

     MegaPOP is in Chapter 11, we've been trying to move our customers to other
nets but 91 of you haven't responded to my e-mail on the subject. If you're
affected by this please contact support to get setup with a different dialup.
Thank you.

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Attention MegaPOP Customer,

At 21:11 on 2003-01-06 the following was posted to Network Alerts:

Problem : Loss of routing
Location: 998 - Regional,
Status  : Ongoing
Event   :

Detailed Description:

We have been informed that the data vendor for these locations, Cable and Wireless, has abruptly ceased to service these areas without notice. We are actively working on alternative solutions to restore service to these locations. We have identified that POPs 085 Syracuse and 088 Richmond are also affected by this issue. Although service remains up for these locations, we can not ensure that they will remain up until an alternate solution is found. This issue has been escalated to the highest level and updates will be posted as they become available.

Sites currently down:
092 - Buffalo
093 - Lexington
094 - Louisville

ETR: none

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